Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Story of The Gang: A Preface

I have a small theory that all of us have great ideas all of the time. I recently read about a study pertaining to those fantastic, brilliant ideas that come to us right before we go to sleep. You know, the ones about useful and marketable inventions, or really cool novel plots. The ideas that make you think, "Man, I have GOT to write that down!" But then you don't. Because you're tired. So you exert an unnecessary amount of anxious energy to remember that particular thought, robbing yourself of sleep in the process, only to end up completely forgetting about it during the night. 

Anyway. The study I read suggested that all of those ideas were actually garbage (which I suspect is just a ploy to positively influence the sleep habits of America). I disagree with the study. I do think that some of those ideas are cliche non-starters (What if none of us see red as the same color? What about an app for keeping track of how many BBQ sandwiches I eat in a year?), but I also believe that immediate dismissal of all seemingly questionable ideas is a great way to completely stunt your own progress.

So part of my resolution to write this blog was to also write down every blog topic idea that springs to my mind, instead of just rolling over in bed and giving myself a panic attack. And so far it's been great. I've had a lot of ideas, and picking which one I want to write about in the free moment is making my process of mental organization fun.

But I will tell you, some of these topics are also going to make me look ridiculous.  For example, here are some of the more unnerving gems pulled straight from the notes app on my phone:

-I am not a happy woman unless I can cook in my own kitchen

-Mean and gross (drinking too much and smoking cigarettes on the toilet: a memoir) 

-I am a charming liar (bar talk) (not to be confused with Bartok of the animated Anastasia movie fame)

-The anonymous story of that time I broke a guys penis (but he was okay don't worry)

-I am blissfully unaware of the pimples on my own back (please do not pop them without my permission: ode to an ex-girlfriend)

-The story of that time I joined a gang and collected a bunch of goose feathers at a park (why ICP and girly liqueurs are terrible)

This is what I'm thinking about. It's not always what I'm thinking about, but it's certainly a part of my thought process, and at least a few of these topics are going to make it into my blog. Honesty, people. It's what keeps the earth spinning.

This post is basically a preface. I think the next time I write it will be to tell the story of The Gang. This fact ought to work marvelously as a filter for some of you, and hopefully keep a few of you coming back for more.

Cheers, and may you fall asleep with plenty of cool thoughts to forget!

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